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The Consultation

In homeopathy, patients are always treated as a whole, not just for the medical complaint they present with. It is a natural, safe and effective system of medicine - often used for treating babies, children, pregnant women, and the elderly. Homeopathic medicines are non-toxic, and help to stimulate the body’s own natural healing mechanism.


Homeopathy can help with both acute (short term) illnesses, and chronic (long term) conditions. It can also be exceptionally effective in what may be called a “human potential” setting – helping a person move on from past/present emotional and physical patterns, which may have a limiting effect on their lives.    


During the initial consultation, you will be asked for a full personal and medical history, to form a “timeline” of your life. This may include childhood illnesses, work and family situation, operations, periods of adult ill health (including treatments), particular emotional traumas, and present and past medication history. It will be helpful to have these areas in mind when coming for a first consultation. If preferred, you can always make notes and/or e-mail details ahead of time. 

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